Phono Java Applet
Phono Java allows developers to use Java Applets instead of Flash in Web applications. Our Java Applet has even lower latency which is perfect for enterprise call centers.

Our new Java applet provides even lower latency on VoIP calls over our existing Flash version.

For most consumer-facing sites, we still recommend using Flash due to its more pervasive deployment base.

Here is a demo of our Java applet version:

If you would prefer to use our Java applet on the desktop which offers improved/lower latency, we have provided a handy Java detection utility that can used like so. Note: If Java is not detected, Phono will fallback to Flash.

var audioType = 'auto';
if (navigator.javaEnabled()) {
    audioType = 'java';

var phono = $.phono({
  audio: {type:audioType,
  onReady: function(event) {
   // stuff

Note: If you are running MacOS Lion, you may need to follow these instructions for getting Java applets to automatically load in your web browser.